Let our qualified experienced staff provide you accurate, dependable results

A staff of experienced, certified technicians, inspectors, engineers, and project managers offer a wide range of testing and management services to help you ensure the quality of your projects. Feel confident in the skill and services of our staffand trust that we are fully trained in the proper handling of quality issues, testing and inspection requirements, and usage of testing equipment.

Materials Testing

We provide a wide range of testing both in the field and laboratory. Our reports are review for accuracy to ensure adequacy of materials and practices and compliance, allowing us to recognize discrepancies and provide a prompt response. Our services include:


  • Gyratory compactions
  • Nuclear density
  • Incineration/gradation
  • Unit weight bulk and rice
  • Marshall one point
  • Superpave
  • Depth and density
  • Mix designs


  • Soil and aggregate testing
  • Measurement of bearing capacity
  • Measurement of electrochemical values
  • Atterberg limits
  • California bearing ratio
  • Consolidation
  • Triaxial compression
  • Moisture density relationship


  • Field air content and slump
  • Flexural strength
  • Trail batch
  • Maturity Meters

Special Inspections

Each of our highly experienced inspectors is trained and certified by the International Code Council (ICC) and American Welding Society (AWS) in:

  • ICC reinforced concrete
  • ICC prestressed concrete
  • ICC structural masonry
  • ICC/AWS structural steel and welding
  • ICC spray applied fireproofing
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Magnetic particle testing